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14 Villa Lands in Yenice, Tekirdağ - Turkey

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General Information

Yenice location is in Tekirdag municipality borders how ever it is popular destination for Turkish people and foreigners especially from GCC citizens. People from Istanbul and Tekirdag come to stay in weekends to Yenice location to rest with their families
Land plots in this area gain %25 - 30 value every year in real estate market.

BUILDING PERMISSION : Land parceliazation plans from municipality give permission to build villas/houses on land plots. Official buildind permission of land plots in are %25 / %50 . and 7 meters heigh. It means ; if the land plot is 400 m2 ,Can get a building license to build 2.5 floored villa or house. Such as;       
Ground floor: 100 m2
First Floor : 100 m2 
Terrace Floor: 40-50 m2


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